Monday, 10 June 2013

What's in a name of the perfect cup of coffee?

It took me 10 months living in Sydney to find the name for my perfect coffee. I know I am picky about the perfect cup, but how hard can it be? I like my coffee strong but softened with some milk. Not too much milk as I need to taste coffee and NO chocolate on top as I need to taste coffee!! The Macchiato made in Italy is the one I like. Great coffee with a dot of milk, not too strong, just simple and perfect.  But when you order a Macchiato in Amsterdam you will get a lot of milk and a tiny bit of coffee... When I am in Hong Kong I order a 'Macchiato with some more milk', as the coffee is way too sour when you ask for a regular one. In Perth you just have to say: a 'Macchiato topped up'. They just put more milk on your espresso, as simple as that! Unfortunately in Sydney they do not get this and I always get my Macchiato way too strong. For a while I thought I had the solution: a double shot cappuccino WITHOUT chocolate. That last request really is too hard for the coffeemakers. No chocolate on a cappuccino is completely out of the box and therefor I had a 50% chance I would get my double shot cap without the chocolate.... But finally, finally I found the name for My coffee: a strong Piccolo!! A double espresso in a small glass or cup topped up with just enough milk, that's it!! But the question is: what will I get when I order a strong Piccolo in Asia or Europe? Well, I am able to figure this out in 2 weeks. To be continued...

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