Hi, my name is Kirsten. I was born in The Netherlands and grew up in a small village. When I turned 18 I moved out of my parent's place to study Textile Fashion Management and to see more of the world. After living in Utrecht, Florence and Amsterdam I found out I was much more of a city girl than I thought I was. I loved to source for new shops, to try out new cafes and restaurants and enjoyed exploring and tasting the city life. For over 15 years I worked as a Fashion Buying Manager and produced garments all over the world. I got to work with locals in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece and Portugal. I learned all their different habits, cultures, food and experienced so much more! At the end of 2009 my husband was asked to move to Hong Kong for his job. Well, I did not have to think twice and so we moved with our two kids to my favorite city in Asia! Living in Hong Kong was a big treat. I got to know the city from inside out, travelled to many beautiful places in Asia, fell in love with hiking, learned some words in Cantonese and learned how to paddle a dragon boat! After almost 3 years we had to say goodbye to this beautiful city and moved to Sydney. Again a new and exciting city which I am currently exploring, tasting and enjoying very much!

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